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Magnus LygdbackMagnus Lygdback

W1/D1 HIIT + legs (hinge dominant)

4.9|35 min|190 comments
Warmup 10 min treadmill HIIT 3 x 30 seconds... more


edwin 1d ago
Good way to start this workout plan
Taylor 7d ago
Amazing and hard!!! Thank you :)
Bree 8d ago
This smoked me, the kettlebell swings at the end…☠️☠️💀 great challenging workout!
Catherine 9d ago
Amazing thank you
Mike 10d ago
Dude. I’m a 56 year old man. Decent shape, but cranking it up a few notches. Summer. Did your Week 1, Day 1. Didn’t look like it would be too hard. But, it was perfect. Hard. Loved it. I’ll check in with you in 30 days. Thanks!

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