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Magnus MethodMagnus Method

W1/D1 Cardio + legs

4.8|45Β min|756 comments
* Warmup - 5 min treadmill - HIIT 3 x 30 seconds treadmill sprints (30 sec off) * Workout - Front squat 3 x 12 - Walking lunge 3 x 20 Mini band circuit - Courtesy step 3 x 20 each side - Lateral walk 3 x 15 each side - Skaters 3 x 20 - Windmill 3 x 20 (10 reps on each side)


Prue β€’ 2w ago
Harder than I expected but also attainable in the long run. One of my top apps so far.
Kristina β€’ 3w ago
Hard but so worth it.
Elvira β€’ 1mo ago
It was amazing. Now I feel like dying but happy 😊
Callie β€’ 1mo ago
Underestimate the effectiveness of this πŸ’€
Gilma β€’ 2mo ago
It was intensive, some of the exercises I modified just bcs I don't have the same elements. Some alternatives for home would be nice!!

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