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Follow my workouts
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$14.99 on a monthly plan

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One subscription. Countless opportunities.

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About me

Bodybuilder and Calisthenics Athelte

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My name is Luke Williford and fitness saved my life. After suffering several major concussions in the span of one year, the only remedy to the crippling headaches was MOVING. My GOAL is to share the impact fitness had on me, WITH YOU. Whether it be simply helping you get MOVING or guiding you through a total BODY TRANSFORMATION, I want to help. My expertise spans from complex bodyweight movements to the simple concept of SQUEEZING when you curl. I am NASM certified, but more importantly certifiably ADDICTED to movement. Naturally, I can’t help the feeling of wanting to pass this addiction to movement on to others. IMPORTANT: If at ANY TIME you need clarification or help on any of the movements or videos, REACH OUT TO ME! Send me a note via Playbook, IG or email and I will do my best to clear things up!


My Playbook profile provides a wide range of training applications, with a focus on BUILDING physique, increasing WEIGHTLIFTING prowess, as well as perfecting DOPE bodyweight movements.

Training Requirements

My workouts are VERY flexible. I aim to have workouts available for people with and without gym memberships. Some of my workouts can be done at home, at parks, schools, etc. Some workouts however will require some sort of gym membership.



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