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Upper Body (Own Pace)

4.9|20 min|7 comments
Equipment: A set of heavy and medium weight dumbbells - I'm using 10kg/22lb and 4kg/8lbs each -. Routine: 8+8 Farmers Press 10 Bent Over Tricep Extensions 8+8 Alternating Curls 10+10 Alternating Front Arm Raises 10 Plank to Dolphin Push-ups Enjoy


Georgia 3y ago
Last video (plank to dolphin push up) was a little fast. Love the motion but had to watch a lot to figure out proper sequencing.
Gess 3y ago
I love the own pace workouts
Jennifer 3y ago
Great upper body movements. I was able to complete 4 rounds. Thanks.
Erika 4y ago
Great! Thank you!
Tamara 4y ago
The plank to dolphin was impossible for me. I did plank to downward dog. Is this an appropriate modification? Will I eventually build the strength in my shoulders?

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