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Full Body (Own Pace)

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Equipment: 1 set of heavy weight dumbbells (I'm using 10kg/22lbs each). Routine: 10 Push Presses 15 Squat Pulses 10 Bent Over Rows 10+10 Kickstand RDL's 8+8 Overhead Lunges 15 Sec Dumbbell Press Hollow Hold Enjoy!


Melissa 2y ago
This was great! Thank you for the cool down…I am not good at doing one on my own 😉
Alice 3y ago
Hi Lizette! I just Want to thank you! I really love that you anwer me and the workouts💪🏼
Nora 3y ago
Really enjoyed it, thank you!
Camilla 3y ago
This was amazing. I was searching for a full body routine to do every week, or as long as I feel like and yup. This is the one.
Kajsa 3y ago
Excellent 3 rounds -15lbs 🙂

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