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30-Min Hinge and Upper Push (Own Pace)

5.0|30 min|4 comments
Equipment: a set of heavy weight dumbbells - I'm using 12,5kg/27lbs each - and so extra padding (light pillow). Routine: 10+10 Kickstand RDL's 10 Yoga Push-ups 20 Bridge Pulses 10 Chest Press 12 Deadlifts 20 sec Dumbbell Press Flutter kicks Enjoy!


Kristina 3y ago
So good! Thank you!
Nora 3y ago
Great one, loved the variety and cues. Thanks!
Juliane 4y ago
I really like when the workout is set up this way, at your own pace with each exercise !
Jennifer 4y ago
I love this hinge/push workout!

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