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30-Min Full Body (Own Pace)

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Equipment: A set of heavy dumbbells - I'm using 12,5kg/27lb each -. A medium-heavy dumbbell - I'm using 10kg/22lb-. Something as extra padding (towel or light pillow). Routine: 10+10 Push Presses 20 Sumo Pulses 10 Bent Over Rows 20 Bridge Pulses 8+8 Overhead Lunges 10+10 Supine Elbow to Knee Crunches w/10sec hold. Enjoy!


Rachel 2y ago
I needed a quick full body workout to accompany my bike ride today, this did the trick!
Kristy 2y ago
This was a great full body. I feel strong and pumped up upon completion.
Maru 2y ago
Please more of this Own Pace Workouts! I LOVE them. First time in my life I’m working out with weights. Thanks Lizette! You are the best <3
Marie-Claude 3y ago
Hi Lizette, love the workout but I prefer the formula where we work all day through together. You're my training buddy 🤣
Sara 3y ago
Hi! I’m still here just modifying workouts for this PCL injury...that’s so much better thanks to awesome physical therapy!!! And I started 44 🙌🏼 feeling my very best! So much 🙏🏻 for you!

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