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30-Min FULL Body (Own Pace)

5.0|30 min|8 comments
Equipment: a medium/heavy weight kettlebell, something to slide on, wall space and mat. Routine: 20 Kettlebell Swings. 10 Push-ups. 10/side Lunge Slides. 10/side Rows. 5 Handstand Walks. 50 Supine Pelvic Lifts.


Erin 3y ago
Great workout! I don’t necessarily care for the separate videos but understand some do. I just tend to replay the first video for the three rounds. Thank you for all you do!
Rachel 4y ago
It is a great workout, but I don’t understand how to use these classes when it’s split up. Do I do the exercise and then press skip to move onto the next one when I’m done? I can’t work out how the timer works either. I much prefer the ones when I get to do it with you! I LOVE your workouts and you make me smile even when I’m finding it really tough!! Thank you for all your content 🙌
Vel 4y ago
Wow. Great workout. This is my 2nd workout that we had the option of doing round 2 and 3 on our own. I've never done a handstand wall walk move before. Challenginf and fun!!
Caroline 4y ago
Horrible but good. The handstand walks and the lifts! So hard
Callie 4y ago
Love love love!

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