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Weights I'm Using

4.9|5 min|5 comments
In this video, I'm showing you which weights and equipment I'm using during the workouts. Remember that this is just what I'm using to give you a point of reference, but it does not mean you have to use the same weight.... more


Abhi 6mo ago
Informative! Wish I had a link to the products. Off to buy some stuff!
Rosa 9mo ago
Querida Lizette. Te escribo en español porque leí que eres de México. Soy de Centroamérica y estoy emocionada por empezar. Te sigo en IG desde hace meses y te admiro muchísimo 💕 ¿Qué podría usar provisionalmente en lugar de la banda larga? Para los estiramientos. Por ahora no tengo y tendré que buscar pero me gustaría empezar. Si se te ocurre algo, estaré atenta.
Sofia 1y ago
Hi! It’s my first time doing weight training and i have only 3kg and 5kg for the trainings. I have different tolerance for both arms too. My left arm get muscle fatigue from 5kg but my right arm doesnt. How do i manage the different arms tolerances?
Ronda 1y ago
Clear instructions

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