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5-Min Adduction + Hip Flexion Drills

4.9|5Β min|15 comments
Equipment: yoga mat, optional 2 yoga blocks. A 5-min class working on addiction and hip flexion.


Blanca β€’ 7mo ago
Perfect to add after workouts!!
Brianna β€’ 9mo ago
Wow what a challenge! That was deceptively hard πŸ˜…
Lee β€’ 2y ago
Wow it burns! I tend to lean backward on the last drill, and the single leg lifting on my left is not working as good as the right? Any tips to work on the weaker part?
Connie β€’ 2y ago
Fun and challenging!
Kajsa β€’ 2y ago
Another great drill. I have to work on straightening up and not leaning backwards!

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