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45-Min Yoga Strength/Wild Thing

4.8|45 min|16 comments
Equipment: Yoga mat and a medium weight kettlebell (the KB is optional and I'm using 6kg/13lbs) A yoga class focusing on the posture -wild thing-.... more


Suzanne 7mo ago
Lizette you are such a great teacher. Feel supported throughout the entire class. X will go heavier with the KB next time only did a 5lb one!
pol 8mo ago
siempre vuelvo a esra clase y cada vez que la hago recuerdo lo mucho que me gusta y lo bien que le hace a mi cuerpo love wild thing!!!
Nora 10mo ago
Bit of a gloomy day here, needed something to change it up but didnt know what. This was perfect. Great mix of stretch, effort and balance. Feel much better. Thank you!
Sarah 1y ago
Deceptively hard for me, but I loved it!
pol 1y ago
I love wild thing!! Lovely class

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