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45-Min Yoga Class/Pelvis (Backbends and Forward Folds)

5.0|45 min|5 comments
Equipment: Yoga mat Bring your pelvis with you into backbends and forward folds. Play with the positioning of your feet to explore as you send your pelvis forward or back and let the rest of the spine follow.... more


Sushma 3mo ago
This was a great class. Backbends feel great for my body. Eka pada 2 is something I am working towards. Someday, hopefully with all your other classes I can build enough strength to get to this pose🙂. I wanted to ask you about puppy pose. I may be doing this wrong. My arms and elbows feel really heavy in this pose
Iseult 1y ago
Great lesson!😍
Camilla 1y ago
Really loved this one! I haven't done proper back bending classes in aaaageeees so this was super nice 😍
Stephanie 1y ago
Working on my back bends at 57! Feeling powerful
pol 1y ago
I was needing a practice like this one! I really was! I love the way of all of your classes... I'm really happy of being here practicing with you. gracias por tu magia y la alegría bella que transmitís 🥰❤

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