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40-Min Yoga Strength/Single Leg

4.7|40 min|10 comments
Equipment: yoga mat and a set of medium weight dumbbells. This yoga class focuses on single-leg strength, which means that you will be working through the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and hamstrings. Great for hip stability and h... more


Carla 2y ago
Been missing you while doing another program... I love this one and feel amazing!
Jessica 2y ago
Love this! More like this please
Georgina 2y ago
Thank you! I love your classes!
Jannah 2y ago
You have no idea how much working out with you is a life saver, and really gets me the strength dose I neer. Loved this single leg focus and nice stretching throughout this practice. Thank you so much Lizette!
Heather 2y ago
I loved it! You are so wonderful at blending yoga with strength and functional movements. Thank you for putting out such great content.

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