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40-Min Pre-Christmas Yoga Strength🎄💪

4.9|40 min|19 comments
Equipment: Yoga mat and a set of light/medium weight dumbbells -I'm using 4kg/8lb each-. A full body practice to get you ready before Christmas. Treat yourself with some alone time and move your body.... more


pol 7mo ago
amo tanto, tanto esta clase! es paz, es alegría, es gratitud... es saberte acompañando mi andar desde el comienzo, es sentirme tan en armonía hoy conmigo misma que no puedo más que agradecerte con el corazón, cada minuto de tu entrega. tks my dearest!
Nora 9mo ago
I loved this one last year and I loved it just as much this year. Such a special one. Thank you 🙏❤
pol 9mo ago
Another hole year practicing with you! this class, today, 24th of December, 2021... tks for being there for me! happy holidays feliz nochebuena y hermosa navidad 🎅🥂🎄🥰
Jennifer 10mo ago
You are special to me too 🥰❤ Thanks for the class! 😘
Cora 1y ago
Beautiful practice! Simple, clear and good.

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