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37-Min Yoga Strength/Full Body

4.9|35 min|14 comments
Equipment: Yoga mat and a set of medium weight dumbbells - I'm using 6kg/each -. A full body yoga practice with a bit extra focus on legs and core.... more


Ruth 5mo ago
I love your yoga strength flows. Perfect balance
Ruth 9mo ago
That was great First time I’ve done any weights for a month as I got tendinitis just after starting the 6 week program Not sure if I was just not lifting correctly and I’d recently moved to heavier weights Going to ease back to it
Kelly 1y ago
Just getting back into yoga... this was a perfect workout for me!
Julie 1y ago
Loved this! Thanks!
Marie-Claude 2y ago
This was a great way to end my first week back to work and let whatever stress I have out of my body and mind. Gracias

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