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30-Min Yoga Hips and Arms

4.9|30 min|17 comments
Equipment: Yoga mat. A yoga flow with a bit of extra focus on hip mobility and upper body strength.


Kate 7mo ago
Was feeling a bit frantic- this was the cure!
Giulia 2y ago
I enjoyed the combination of yoga and mobility. Strenghtening without rushing through poses.
Dianne 2y ago
Hi there- this is the first yoga class I’ve done with you and I loved it! Really interesting transitions and flow. I have to say I hadn’t done your classes before because they were all labeled “strength” something so I thought they were workouts more than yoga. But it was like a level II yoga class! Glad I did it and looking forward to doing more classes!
Bee 2y ago
Felt that I did the most push ups in 30 minutes today. My arms sore and due to space limitation, I couldn’t do many with legs extended. I browse through the yoga practice and found this without weights, but this is a bit difficult for me already, if I would try those with weights ... 😅 I may skipped the weights 😬
Andrea 2y ago
Such a great class! Thank you!

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