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30-Min Upper Body and More

4.9|30 min|34 comments
Equipment: a medium weight dumbbell - optional to have 2, one heavier -. Routine:... more


Leslie 9mo ago
Awesome! I liked how the squat reps increased my heart rate
Nora 10mo ago
I can't believe you snuck 60 push-ups into one work out! And even more I can't believe I did them. 2 years ago I could barely do one! Great and tough work out. Thank you for making me stronger! 💪❤
pol 10mo ago
oh my @&_$&#% 🤬🤣🤣 tks for this sweati Sunday morning!
Amanda 1y ago
Thanks for this! I really enjoyed the pacing and structure of the workout. Very challenging and definitely got my heart rate up!
Kajsa 2y ago
Love this. For sure weak on left side Noticed in last exercises holding weight over head easily hold 15lbs on right side. Left side - started with that and lost alignment, reach for to 10 lbs weight and could do it easily. Keep increasing to 15 if only for a few reps then back to 10, I guess-is how to build strenght all over

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