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30-Min Mini-Band Glutes and Core

4.9|30 min|32 comments
Equipment: 2 bands, medium, and hard resistance. Routine:... more


Amanda 5mo ago
I love the bands for something different but super challenging! Thank you!
Nora 1y ago
Exactly what I needed after a long day at work. Couldn't face lifting a weight or doing push-ups! This was perfect for some resistance movement, thank you!
Sarah 1y ago
Awesome 😎
Tiffany 1y ago
I'd love to see workouts with barbells. Not even weighted. Just the bar :)
Caroline 2y ago
This class is so good! I saw that it will disappear soon from Playbook. Do you have it on your Instagram or is it possible for me to have it for future use (I can never remember the classes, just go with the flow when you do them)

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