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30-Min Lower Body

4.9|30 min|22 comments
Equipment: a medium weight and a heavy weight dumbbells - I'm using 6 and 12,5kg -. Routine:... more


Lesley 8mo ago
Shrimp squats are so difficult for me!!! I would love to see a class on progressions to the elusive shrimp 😊. I have the hip flexion but just getting the knee to the ground is difficult. I can do the pistol negatives but the shrimp seems so much more difficult to get in the down cycle. Thanks!! Love your workouts!!!
Henrike 10mo ago
Thank you, Lizette!
Bea 10mo ago
Margee 10mo ago
I feel it today!
Carli 2y ago
Great, but couldn’t make it through all 3 rounds because legs starter to become shaky and my knees asked for a break

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