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25-Min Body Weight

5.0|25Β min|17 comments
Equipment: Yoga mat (a kettlebell or dumbbell if you want to add weight to the lunges and bridge) Routine:...Β more


Pol β€’ 1y ago
tks for this, again. and tks for every single time you show up here for us! I'm so grateful for having this workouts and trainings and classes. tks! πŸ™πŸ™
Ashley β€’ 2y ago
Awesome...and hard!
Katrina β€’ 3y ago
So good! Downward dog to dolphin was killerrrrr
Adalis β€’ 3y ago
SΓΊper Me encantΓ³ que fuera corto pero se siente!! Gracias
Vel β€’ 3y ago
The video kept stopping so I'm glad you list the reps and exercises so I can keep going.

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