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20-Min Upper BODY

5.0|20 min|23 comments
Equipment: A set of heavy dumbbells and mat. Routine:... more


Laura 9mo ago
My first workout with you! It was a higher level workout than I was probably ready for, but I loved pushing myself and your coaching!
Lydia 10mo ago
I think this is an older video so the newer outline you use of instructing and then "at your own pace" is much better. I like the exercises in this round though!
Rebecca 2y ago
That was harder for me - mostly on my wrists. I need to strengthen them:) thank you!!
Bee 2y ago
This is tough! And fun haha
Margee 2y ago
Loved the workout but was quick. I found myself pausing to catch up. I also use kettlebells ;) I don’t have single weights yet. Thanks!

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