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18-Min FULL Body

5.0|20 min|8 comments
Equipment: a kettlebell (I'm using 12kg) and a set of medium weight dumbbells (I'm using 6kg each). Routine: ... more


Aliya 5mo ago
I almost couldn't be bothered today but knew that if I gave it 5 mins i might find the energy - this definitely shifted my energy and mood in the right direction! Thank you Lizette, as ever :)
Sara 3y ago
Loved this workout!
Mo 3y ago
It was great! Just a strong reminder I need to be more consistent with my training. Good lord I am huffing and puffing!! Thanks!
Megan 3y ago
Dripping sweat! 😅
Michaela 3y ago
So good! Love/hate those short stance lunges 😅

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