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17-Min Full Body w/Kettlebells

4.8|15Β min|10 comments
Equipment: 2 kettlebells (you can also use only one). I'm using 12 and 8 kg. Have fun!


Aliza β€’ 1y ago
Hey lizette. I have a 4kg and 16kg kettlebell. So not very medium! I am just using the 16 and slightly lower reps but cant really do upper body with that weight. Is 4kg pointless? Or can I increase reps for that?
Laurel β€’ 2y ago
Thanks, Lizette! That did the trick.
Courtney β€’ 2y ago
Wow!! What a good workout!! Thanks 😊
Monique β€’ 2y ago
Meant to give 5 stars, thanks!
Sarah β€’ 3y ago
Wonderful as always! Thank you!!

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