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#11 30 mins Total Body Workout

4.9|30 min|14 comments
30 mins total body workout Targets: lower body primarily and strengthen upper body, cardio like.... more


Clara 1y ago
This one was killer!!! I'm alive though 😂 Some alternatives for the harder moves would be great. Couldn't go as high as you for the donkey kicks and ran out of endurance fairly quickly for them and the push ups. Nonetheless excellent workouts as per usual! PS: I'm in the UK and couldn't pay for open fit cause we don't have zip codes here so it wouldn't accept my payment. I've contacted the app about it as I'm keen to try your course! Just thought I'd mention it in case any of your other followers are having the same issue.
Kelcey 1y ago
It was great
@Georganne 1y ago
Great way to start the week!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Tiara 2y ago
A struggle
KENISHA 2y ago

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