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Follow my workouts
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About me

ACSM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

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ACSM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer College Degree: Fitness Technician I specialize in personalized fitness training for life in general, fun and/or competitive sports at all levels. I work with individuals wanting a better quality of life, those trying to rehab or become more functional, persons seeking to reshape their body and serious athletes. I thrive on the study and implementation of physical fitness principles personally and assisting others in achieving their own optimal goals as their circumstances allow. Participating in exercise activities such as weight training and intense cardio, as well as eating for optimal health gives me a baseline to relate with clients. In addition to personal training, I ran all training classes, both group and individual, at a Sandy, Utah fitness location. This included activities, classes, program design, equipment technique safety training and nutrition information.


Together, let’s improve your quality of life by increasing cardio endurance, mobility, flexibility and strength. As you feel better physically, it will improve your mood, mental outlook and ability to accomplish the things you want. In addition, we won’t forget nutrition 😄

Training Requirements

I focus on providing/demonstrating great ideas where you either don’t need equipment, or can use items commonly found around your home or in your office. Some workouts use minimal / inexpensive equipment such as resistance bands.


ACSM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer College Degree: Fitness Technician Past Miss Utah Fitness Contestant Marathon Runner Sportswear Affiliate Professional Photographer (Sports Photography) Cosmetologist

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