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Follow my workouts
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Hi everyone! I'm glad you're visiting my profile and I can't wait to share a little more information about me with you. My entire life has been a pretty active one, I began gymnastics at a very young age, and was blessed to compete at a competitive level for many years. After a career ending injury it was time to change my focus and find something a little less taxing on my body. I found a love for cheerleading, it wasn't as hard on my body but still allowed me to use my gymnastics talent and succeed throughout high school and college in the sport. After college and after my cheerleading career was over I started to spend more time in the gym, I spent hours reading about proper training, and implemented everything I was learning into my personal routine. People then started asking for advice and complimenting my hard work, I had a light bulb moment! Why am I not doing this for a living? this is my passion, my happy place and my sanctuary, and this is where it all began! I completed my personal training certification, and have continued to gain knowledge in every aspect of health and fitness to this day and beyond! My personal fitness routine consists of 5 workouts per week, mainly strength training with a mix of HIIT for cardio. I rarely step on a piece of cardio equipment, why? because it's boring! There are so many other beneficial ways of getting your cardio in to help speed up fat loss process. I'm the proud owner of Kyritchfit. Kyritchfit is the online personal training business I founded in 2016. I offer customized coaching and monthly challenges in which hundreds of ladies have successfully transformed their lifestyles throughout the last few years with the help and guidance from myself. My goal with every client is to share my knowledge and teach every client how to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the things you really enjoy in life. Balance and consistency are key!


My Playbook will help increase strength, build lean muscle, burn fat and help with executing proper form.

Training Requirements

I will offer a variety of workouts for ALL fitness levels: - Gym - At-home - Strength - HIIT Equipment necessary for the at-home workouts are: dumbbells, resistance band (tube or large loop) & mini loop bands.


Certified Personal Trainer (NASM & CANFIT) Body Design University Graduate Owner of Kyritchfit Retired Competitive Gymnast Retired College Cheerleader Bachelor of Arts Degree- Criminology Major

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