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How to make things look pretty: Ep 1 Momentum Spin

5.0|7 min|11 comments
If you struggle with making your moves look easy and graceful then this is for you!


Lindsay 1mo ago
Omg this sort of thing has been lacking in the resources I use to learn, this is so helpful. Can’t wait to try it and check out the others in this series!!
Rose 3mo ago
Loved the break down of it all.🙌🏾 Yes please do a series!😊
Calista 3mo ago
Fantastic. I’ve been looking for something like his for ages because I always wondered why I’m strong a sufficiently flexible but how do I LOOK LIKE THAT. Always felt something was missing from basic courses which I thought would be a way forward: to take them again th but it wasn’t there. The answer is here!
Jade 3mo ago
Yes please make this a series. I admire how you break things down. It's so easy to follow along with. I also love the "water" concept trickling down your arm to get that flow of movement happening. Now you have pointed it out it definately looks alot better when that outside arm isn't just hanging there with nothing to do!!
Megan 3mo ago
After watching this and practicing what you taught I could definitely feel in my core!

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