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Kehinde AnjorinKehinde Anjorin

W4/D4 Total body strength

4.8|60 min|2 comments
Welcome to W4 D4 EQUIPMENT: Yoga mat/dumbbells/ kettlebells/foam roller.... more


Mk 1y ago
Great workout!
Rebecca 1y ago
Both this workout and the previous one were around 1 hr and 15 mins which is a bit long for me - not from a difficulty perspective, just a time perspective. I think 45 mins to an hr is the amount of time I would want to finish each workout on average. I couldn't do all the sets of the bear move because it hurt my wrists too much in a way that felt like they were getting sprained:( Sadly I don't think my wrists can take all the body weight especially when I'm lifting one arm and putting all the pressure on the other arm/wrist.

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