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Kehinde AnjorinKehinde Anjorin

W4/D2 Conditioning

3.0|45 min|1 comment
Perform the following exercises for 6 rounds, take a min rest period between each round.


Rebecca 1y ago
Hi Kehinde, This workout took 15 mins. I only did the plank with 2 arms and shoulder taps bc my wrists can't do a one arm plank without crippling myself. I noticed that the instructions said 6 rounds but the exercises show 5 rounds. 6 rounds would make the workout slightly longer as would doing the plank with one arm on both sides. It was hard despite how short the workout was. Not sure if I put down comments for the previous workout but the Arnold press was done with 2 arms in one round and them with one arm in another round. I couldn't do this bc of muscle fatigue from using the same muscles repetitively. Also, I wouldn't do the exact same exercises 2 days in a row bc at least for me it results in too much fatigue. Thanks again!

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