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Strong Sahasrara Chakra

4.9|32 min|12 comments
Intermediate level class. In this class we work into the Crown Chakra by with the peak posture of supported headstand.


Alex 2mo ago
This is exactly what my body needed! I had been going to the same yoga studio for over a year, and while it was wonderful for my beginner practice, my body was wanting more! So I canceled my membership and signed up for Kayla’s app and my body is so delighted!! I’m trying new poses I’ve never done before, feeling more strength and flexibility in places I’ve never explored before. You have an amazing gift, Kayla, thank you for sharing it so freely and lovingly.
Haley 3mo ago
This was fun! Lots of new, unexpected transitions that I really enjoyed ❤️
Stefanie 3mo ago
I loved the flow of that one!!!
Ryan 3mo ago
Amazing! I took every class of yours on alomoves and feel like your classes are so much more than a physical practice! I always leave the mat afterwards feeling like I tapped into something so much deeper and I always feel closer to myself. Very powerful. I am excited to try more of your classes!
Anne 3mo ago
Very nice, funny flow. Thank you Kayla✨

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