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Chest Restore

4.8|28 min|11 comments
Beginner level class. This class is a great option before bed, or when you're winding down from a long day in front of the computer and/or a long commute. Even if your line is different than listed above, people typically r... more


Julieta 1d ago
A beautiful gentle reminder to open the heart with grace. It was one of the more difficult practices I've completed on your app and it created space for me to reflect on why that was. Thank you!
Amy 3d ago
Thanks you ❤️
Nyssa 7d ago
This was lovely ☺️❤️ I love chest opening since I hunch a lot so these classes help me build better posture and allow me to do deep chest opening asana that I wasn’t able to before. 💚💚
Clara 9d ago
Fantastic practice.
Lucile 24d ago
Really liked this one. A good balance between feeling the stretch and restorative

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