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Chatarunga With Strap

4.5|17 min|1 comment
Beginner/Moderate level class. If you're unsure of the safest, strongest alignment needed for Chatarunga-this class is for you! This sequence is a great way to build strength, and wake up the entire body.


Noelle 1y ago
I loved that breakdown! The use of the strap is great! I discovered a few years back when I went back to in person yoga classes that I was doing chaturanga so wrong for years after watching vinyasa classes on video (without a breakdown) and just copying what I saw. It was so hard to unlearn those bad habits of going down too low with the chest and my bum sticking up and I'm sure my shoulders suffered too. I'm always keen to watch chaturanga tutorials as I'm a now teacher myself so I'm super keen for my students to learn the right way. 👍🏻

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