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Sleep is our healthy hack of the week!

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Sleep is one of those ever needed components of a healthy, happy life and yet it’s also one of the things we let slip when life gets busy. Check out this video!


Nicole 9mo ago
I have noticed having kids, and as I get older I need my sleep even more than ever. If I don't I don't feel good, sick to my stomach, and I make poor choices
Amy 9mo ago
I do relate to this. As a mom with young kiddos, it can be the only me time I get to mindlessly scroll at the end of the night. I am going to read a book instead tonight! Thanks
Georgina 10mo ago
I just love listening to you guys…u make sense and u have this way of making me want to follow these healthy hacks ☺️❤️
Becca 10mo ago
I love this 😴 one of my Show Up promises to myself during this challenge is to Unplug 30 min before bedtime 😴😴 it has improved my sleep tremendously!!

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