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Motivation-limiting beliefs

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Ever wonder what’s holding you back? Maybe it’s limiting beliefs? Learn more in this video!


Rebecca 10mo ago
So needed to hear this. Been struggling so much lately. All your advice has been so helpful in putting things into perspective. Thank you so much! I always feel uplifted after watching one of your videos.❤️
Nicole 10mo ago
Oh my gosh you ladies, this is SO dang wonderful to hear/watch this video today.. Thank You
Georgina 10mo ago
I could listen to u guys all day ❤️
Syna 1y ago
I’m in video 3/4 ish…. I have a deep passion/conviction about those who put themselves in the spotlight to be seen VS. those who humbly put themselves in the spotlight b/c they feel like life has offered opportunities for painful growth that was worth staying in, in order to share that experience with others to make humanity a more vibrant place…. I’m already convinced you two it’s a risk out of a pure heart to share your experience and how to learn how to live life, instead of just survive.
Becca 1y ago
Hey beauties 🦋🤍🦋 I took the video of you two at Show Up when you were releasing your Limiting Belief lanterns…y’all are so wonderful. Thank you for being who you are 🤟 can’t wait to get into more of this app 🤗🥰

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