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WEEK 4, DAY 1 [Lower Body Dumbbell]

4.9|30Β min|76 comments
Tri Circuit: - Double DB front squat 3 x 12 - Split squat pulses 3 x 12 (12 reps each side) - DB wall sit 3 x 30 sec Tri Circuit: - Staggered Deadlift 3x10 reps each side - Sumo Squat + Pulse 3x10 - Single-Double Loaded Glute Bridge Tri Circuit: - Turkish sit up 3 x 8 (8 each side) - Russian twist (feet up) 3 x 20 (10 reps each side) - Offset hold the world 3 x 30 sec (15 sec each side)


Nathaniel β€’ 1mo ago
Herman β€’ 1mo ago
amazing workout, took a lot out of me! legs might feel like jelly tomorrow
Tosin β€’ 1mo ago
Loved it.
Grace β€’ 4mo ago
that was such a good lower body burn!! it was challenging but it’s definitely doable and i felt amazing afterwards.
Jenise β€’ 5mo ago
Solid lower body day! Felt super strong and upped some of the weight! Starting the week strong after two days of just cardio! Great workout for at home during my snow day ⛄️ ❄️

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