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WEEK 1 DAY 4 [Full Body Recovery Stretch]

4.8|10Β min|65 comments
This is a full body recovery stretch. Complete each stretch for 1 minute, holding any of the stretches longer if needed, and repeat as many times as needed. -Standing Tricep/Lat Stretch -Standing Hamstring Stretch -Active Adductor Stretch -Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch -T-Spine Rotation -Floor Chest Stretch -Down Dog BONUS: We also recommend doing some other low impact activity to help reduce soreness and tension. This could be in the form of yoga/ massage, meditation, walking, light jogging, etc. Tag/message us a let us know how you recovered today!


Michelle β€’ 9mo ago
Did these while waking up in complete silence… 😌
Justin β€’ 1y ago
Amazing stretch
Kerry β€’ 1y ago
Needed that. This one will become a regular in my routine.
Andra β€’ 1y ago
So nice!
Britney β€’ 1y ago
Loved the chest stretch

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