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Full Body Kettlebell Circuit

4.7|20 min|10 comments
This is an advanced full body Kettlebell HIIT Circuit thats perfect for building strength, endurance, and burning body fat. All you need is a single kettlebell (light to moderate weight). This circuit is made up of 7 different exercises that you will do in a back-to-back sequence: - Push-up - Bent Over Row - Deadlift - Swing - Clean - Squat - Shoulder Press Workout Format: Do a total of 10 reps (5 each side), and take a 60 second rest between sets. We did 10 total rounds but do an amount that works for you. Kettlebells we used: Toya: 12kg (26lbs) Juice: 20kg (44lbs) Modification: do each movement individually for 5 reps each side until you feel comfortable doing single reps in a circuit.


Dakota 3mo ago
Good sweat
Erika 1y ago
That was hard but awesome!
Avian 1y ago
Very tough. I'll have to come back to this one soon.
Wyatt 2y ago
Best one I've found by y'all. Feels like I'm back digging line sweating my ass off.
Natasha 2y ago
4 rounds my first time doing this! I’m looking forward to improving that next time!

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