6 weeks of dumbbell only workouts!

Versatile Dumbbell Workouts: Bid farewell to complicated gym equipment! Josie's program is centered around the humble dumbbell, making it accessible and convenient for anyone, anywhere. Sculpt your body with various exercises that target ev... Read more

Bodybuilding, Bikini Body, Functional
6 weeks program 4 days/week 45-60 mins
All Levels
Bodybuilding, Bikini Body, Functional
6 weeks program 4 days/week 45-60 mins
All Levels


Week 1/ Day 1 Upper Body
Week 1/ Day 1 Upper Body
Week 2/ Day 2 Lower Body
Week 2/ Day 2 Lower Body
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About the program

Embark on a transformative fitness journey with Josie's exclusive 6-Week Dumbbell-Only Program, meticulously crafted to elevate your strength, tone your muscles, and unlock your true potential. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting your wellness adventure, this program is designed to cater to all experie... Read more

    Glowing 5-Star Reviews from Satisfied Customers

    Love this app!!! Every workout is challenging and I've had amazing results.
    Beautiful, user friendly app. truly enjoying having quick access to workouts. makes reaching my goal of daily movement much easier.
    Clear, strightforward, focused workouts that are enjoyable and effective.

    About Josie Hamming

    Online Personal Trainer

    Devoted lifelong athlete and experienced trainer, dedicated to the pursuit of physical excellence. With a passion ignited in my early years, I've relentlessly honed my skills in various sports, mastering the art of discipline and determination. Over the years, I've transitioned from a zealous competitor to teaching, gu... Read more

    Frequently asked questions

    What are the goals of this program?
    * Increase overall lean muscle mass * Get lean and burn fat * Build core strength * Improve posture * Improve mental clarity and focus
    What do I need to participate?
    * You need a gym membership that has standard workout equipment * A positive attitude and dedication to the program
    Who are these workouts for (skill-level)?
    * The workouts are designed for all levels * Beginners: go slow, use less weight, use longer rest periods, and focus on form * Advanced: increase weight, reps and reduce rest time as you progress
    What’s the schedule?
    * Weight training 3-4 times per week * 2 days of active rest: When you rest from lifting, you should still remain active. Do HIIT cardio/ab workouts, play sports, go for a hike or a long walk * 1 full rest day
    How will I get the best results?
    * Get proper sleep (7-9 hours a night is a must) * Dedicated nutrition regimen that consists only of wholesome, natural ingredients (get my nutrition guide in “Insights” section of the app) * Drink at least eight 8 oz glasses of water daily * Make sure to use active and full rest days to allow muscles to recover * Ice cold showers in the morning and after workouts are highly recommended
    Are there any modifications for the exercises?
    * Yes! I’ve included modifications in the descriptions for each exercise. If you need further assistance modifying any workouts, send me a message in the app and I’ll be happy to help!
    How can I ask you questions?
    Message me in the app for any questions you have. I do my best to review all comments and make any recommended changes. I want to see your progress! I would also love to see your progress pictures and videos. Tag me on Instagram or feel free to shoot me a DM on IG. I would love to showcase your progress to our community.

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