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/6W Passing & 1st Touch
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W1/D1 Week 1 | Session 1 | 6 week Passing & 1st touch program

4.7|25 min|55 comments
What you need for this session: - A Ball ... more


Oscar 1mo ago
Basic training which you gotta master the basic to be someone in soccer so it was great and like I said basic but intense very good 👍🏽
Andrew 1mo ago
Better second time around. We revisited it.
Owen 1mo ago
It was great maybe some music over the drills while you are doing them.
Zach 1mo ago
I’m using the app to get additional touches on the ball with my 11 year old daughter. She liked the work out. We did it on a tennis court, so it was difficult and unforgiving, but good.
Brian 2mo ago
Session 1 was great.

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