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/100 Shot Challenge

W1/D1 100 Shot Challenge

4.2|30 min|15 comments
Challenge yourself! I want you to do this routine every day for 30 days! You only shoot 100 shots and I want you to keep track of how many you make! My record is 91. It’s a conditioning drill as well as game shots. You w... more


Simon 7mo ago
Forgot to record my Saturday score, which was 41. Today's was 31
Simon 8mo ago
Ice cold after vacation. 21. The opposite of what you're doing in TBT.
Jimmy 8mo ago
My favorites to do any day before or after a workout. Results for me have been consistent: 19/25, 17/25, 21/25. Drills 1&2.. Thx. I plan to use the app for everything once summer league wraps up!
Simon 9mo ago
36 this time. My dad got 38
Jimmy 9mo ago
5 star