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Welcome Video!

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I want to meet you!! Introduce yourself in the comments below! How far out postpartum are you, WHY are you doing this program, anything else you want to share! Welcome to your SISTERHOOD!! 1.Watch app navigation video... more


Chelsey 5d ago
I’ve been following your career for a few years now. I did pelvic floor physio for hypertonic symptoms after my first (10lbs 2 oz) and then started online workouts after my twins two years ago (8lbs 12oz and 7lbs 14oz 🤪) I always loved your videos and amazing vibe so I am super excited that you have your own program. Trying to get back into some self care!
Lexi 15d ago
Hello! I’m Lexi, C-section mama to four babes. I’m two years postpartum with my last little. I’m tired of peeing in my pants and pain during sex… I’m ready to get my body back and I’m super excited for this program!
Bailey 17d ago
So excited to start this workout program and to feel like ME again after 2 babies in 2 years!
Maddie 18d ago
Great! Can’t wait to get started!!
Tiffany 23d ago
I am a mom of 7 boys, 1.5 years postpartum. I’ve really been neglecting my own health for quite some time now and it’s catching up to me. I feel not strong at all and very tired all the time. I am committed and excited to start this program and to see my progress in 30 days!

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