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Day 16 Deadmill Sprints & Mobility

5.0|40 min|24 comments
Mobility Rolling with 10 seconds on with 60 seconds off X 10 rounds


Danielle 6mo ago
Did :30 sprints on and :30 off on assault runner
Anthony 6mo ago
Those sprints are simple but very effective. Could only manage 14 rounds. Mixed it up by adding 3 rounds on the assault bike to make up for it.... 🥵🥵🥵🤢
Katie 6mo ago
assault bike — 10 sec on, 50 rest x 10 rounds I understand how the bike got it’s name!
Caleb 7mo ago
I needed to roll out really badly so this was a very good day. Been running a lot in the mornings so my legs were pretty sore today. For the dead mills I did 15s on and 45s off for 10 rounds. Super tough!
JMK 7mo ago
1st time doing deadmills…woah! 15 seconds on, 45 seconds rest. Great session today.

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