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Growing up I was bullied for my disability of having a missing eyeball & for being very skinny. I could only change one of those things, so I started to workout. After a few months of being in the gym, I knew I wanted to do this forever. The gym has changed my both Mentally & Physically. It has turned me into the man I am today, i’m more confident with myself & my disability. I have accepted myself for who I truly am thanks to workout out. It is my mission to inspire & motivate others who are new to working out. Because I’ve been there. I know how it feels to say “I’ll start tomorrow” and then keep pushing it off. It is my goal to push you to become your best. Nothing in life ever comes easy, but if you stay consistent, I promise your hard work will pay off! Being disabled my entire life, I was told I couldn’t do many things.. But I though otherwise, I drilled it into my head that just because i’m disabled, doesn’t mean anything should hold me back. I never used my disability as an excuse for anything, I just pushed through it & found a way. If you’re new to fitness, need inspiration, motivation and help with getting your fitness journey started, you have came to the perfect place! I am all about good vibes, being happy, always smiling, and becoming a healthier version of ourselves! Let’s start training!


I will help you Gain Muscle, Lose Fat, Lose Weight, Gain Weight, Get your fitness journey started, Motivate you, & much more!

Training Requirements

Must be ready to become a healthier version of you! Must be willing to give it 100%. Some Workouts can be done at home.


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