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HIIT: Full Body Cardio

4.9|30 min|8 comments
You can do these exercises with or without ankle weights (as an added challenge). Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, resting 15 sec between each exercise. You're going to do this whole circuit 2x through, resting for 1 min... more


Selma 2mo ago
I was exhausted by the end, excellent workout
Dania 3mo ago
Cecilia 3mo ago
The best one I have done so far because it is more difficult than the ones in the 1 month challenge
Anna 4mo ago
That was amazing! Thank you very much!! I have a question. Do you have any recommendations on how to choose a program? I want to build a booty but at the same time want to tone up other parts of my body. Is it okay if I do only booty program or should I also incorporate workouts from other programs as well?
Anastasia 4mo ago
Hey guys I’ve just done this workout and my legs are shaking 🤣I’m very tired and happy that I found this workout . This program is 🔥🔥🔥 100% recommended

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