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Lecture: Cultivating a Home Practice

5.0|50 min|3 comments
Let’s talk about it! Grab a journal and pen...cup of tea or glass of wine and let’s chat about cultivating a home practice.


Elle 6mo ago
You are so cute in this video, thanks for sharing! Gives me some good guidelines to consider when sequencing. I find I usually just pick an area of the body to focus on and just work through all the poses that I know.
Mirusha 1y ago
Finally watched this and am so glad I did when I did♡ Can relate to this so much and so encouraged to continue my home practice. Thank you for this.
Lynsey 3y ago
Thank you for this. So helpful with kids home and not being able to focus on a video everyday. I also love the creative movements you have to help with linking movements. ❤️❤️❤️

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