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W8/D5 Buy-Out Get Stronger 3.0

5.0|45 min|69 comments
Look familiar? This was your buy-in workout! This weeks challenge workout is to see how far you’ve come in terms of tangible strength. Sometimes we get so in our heads, that’s it’s hard to see how far we’ve truly come.... more


Delaney 2d ago
Second buy out!! Squat 135 Deadlift 180 Push up 17 Overhead 27.5 Squat/commando 4 minutes but went up by 2’s this time
Nikki 11d ago
Wow! This is my second time completing this challenge from start to finished and dannng my numbers have improved so much! in every area! Last time my squats and deadlifts were 175/185 this time they’re both 205 lbs! I have never felt this strong! 💪🏼 thank you Hannah!!
Caitlin 15d ago
Squat 105- Squat 125 Dl 105- DL 135 Shoulder press 20- shoulder press 25 PU Hands 4- Hands 6 Knees 10- knees 15 EMOM 10RDS- 10RDS overall such so many strength gains!!
Taylor 17d ago
I can actually see my growth: Squat: 145lbs > 165lbs Deadlift: 100lbs > 150lbs Shoulder Press: 30lbs > 30lbs Push-ups: 22 reps > 30 reps EMOM: 14 reps > 15 reps
Delaney 3mo ago
Buy out! Buy in weight in brackets. Squat (90) 125 Deadlift (105) 165 Overhead (15) 25 Push-up (10 both knees) 15 one knee Commando (5 minutes) 8 minutes

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