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W3/D5 Recovery+ core & shoulder mobility/stability

4.8|30 min|22 comments
An amazing quick core workout plus a few shoulder/thoracic mobility & stability exercises!


Leigh-Ann 6mo ago
Abs and shoulder rehab, tough stuff!
Danielle 1y ago
Would have been a good finisher if I had done another workout first. Still got my abs great!
Meaghan 1y ago
Awesome !
Maria 1y ago
I cheated with side plank crunch. Its hard, the rest was easier😊 Thank you!
Caitlin 1y ago
I loved those preacher tilts. They felt amazing on the spine. I also enjoy recovery like this because I realize I hold my kid on one side more than the other and I need to be more cognizant of that 😂

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