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W3/D4 Low impact (w/chair)

4.8|45Β min|30 comments
You should get your heart rate up and maintain it! You will also break a sweat and feel differently in your muscles. Make sure to not rush. These are slow and deliberate movements squeezing your muscles.


Leigh-Ann β€’ 4mo ago
4 rounds and in love with the new moves!🀩
Danielle β€’ 6mo ago
Even after just 2 rounds I’m feeling it!
Kelly β€’ 6mo ago
Wooooooo πŸ”₯ burning πŸ₯΅ but such a great workout
Julia β€’ 1y ago
I’ve never done anything like this workout. It is SO good and works all the little muscles I never notice are weak and need strengthening. I appreciated this one, will be doing it again!
Caitlin β€’ 1y ago
So amazing. It was a nap time workout. But man did I sweat! I just got my new sweat is gold t-shirt and rooted!!! I'm super stoked to try it out! Anyways thank you for the workout! I am always so humbled and amazed how challenging body weight workouts are! ❀️

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