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W3/D2 Lower body (bodyweight)

4.9|40 min|168 comments
Workout: get ready this short but killer workout Burns like hell!! •Each circuit is repeated 4-5x!... more


Sumaiya 2mo ago
This was daBomB!!!! Loved it. One of my many fav workouts!!! Took a little longer but nailed it!
Leigh-Ann 3mo ago
Added some more inner thigh and 😍
Katie 5mo ago
Eventually ill learn to not underestimate a body weight workout 😪 Exactly what I needed! Got my heart rate way up, broke a sweat, and my legs are burning in the best way. Adding to favorites to do again!
Kelly 6mo ago
My legs! On Fire 🔥 and great sweat!
Marianne 8mo ago
Wow. Out of breath. Sweaty. Exhausted. That’s my kind of workout. 😅

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