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W3/D1 Full body (w/bands & weights)

4.9|50 min|136 comments
Home workouts for the win!


Sumaiya 2mo ago
Did 3rounds!!! And omg it was amazing!
Leigh-Ann 4mo ago
Perfect lil bit o everything! Love the back! Sooo need that today!
Marianne 8mo ago
Loved that one!! I had to modify a few moves but it still kicked my butt😅 It made me feel strong 💪🏻
Jesi 8mo ago
Another amazing workout!! I surprised myself by being able to do all 5 rounds. I love that I can tell I'm getting stronger with something I struggled a lot with before!
Brittany 8mo ago
Definitely underestimated this workout! Had to lower weight and modify as sets went on. Split up push-ups and rows and did on knees. Went on knee for corkscrews and lowered amount to 10. 4 rounds total. I’ll do better next time!

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